Hi, my name is Sadi Mustafa
I aspire to be a Software Engineer

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I am a sophomore at the University of Saskatchewan majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I’m more inclined towards Data Science and Machine Learning as it always intrigues my sense of interest. As for hobby, I day trade and invest by smaller margins at the US and Canadian Stock Market.

I like building full-stack web applications (MEVN & MERN technologies) and built some personal projects based on it. I enjoy solving Data Structure and Algorithm related problems at Hackerrank and Leetcode. I also provide digital marketing solutions including ad campaigns and strategy building, develop and maintain websites for small businesses to improve their conversion funnel. As a source of passive income, I manage real estate properties and assist in commission-based real estate transactions.

I have already done a couple of internships. To learn more about my professional aspect, please view my resume.

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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System strongly based on OOP concenpts of Java. Visually Represented with Java Swing. This system integrates and facilitates 4 types of user area of a hospital: Doctor, Patient, Surgeon, Ward. Built on a robust UML Architecture. The system can perform various operations including registering and authenticating new users as Doctors, Patients, Surgeons. Gives real time information about the system as a whole By creating interconnecting map between every domain.

See Live Source Code

Crown Clothing Store

Technologies Used: React.js (Front-end) SASS and Styled Components (Styling) Redux and Redux Saga (State Management) Node.js (Back-end) Firebase (Database) Stripe API

Source Code

Space Invaders

Emphasized on Java Gui Designs and Implementations This project has been built using concenpts of Model-View-Controller Architecture & Observer Design Patterns of Java. Animations has been introduced and revised using timer classes Space Invaders is a fixed shooter in which the player controls a laser cannon by moving it horizontally across the bottom of the screen and firing at descending aliens.

See Live Source Code

Face Recognition Application

A full-stack web application using the (MERN) Stack, this app allows you to identify the detection of faces in any image supplied. This was achieved thanks to Clarifai's artificial intelligence API. I used React, Node, Express.js and MongoDB in order to create this web application..

See Live Source Code

Dental Clinic

Built with pure html/css/js libraries/php

See Live Source Code

Property Management Company

This is one of the websites that I have built for a business to which I provide digital marketing solutions.

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Car Repair Shop

This is one of the websites that I have built for a business to which I provide digital marketing solutions.

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Fictional Restaurant Website

Responsive Restaurant Website using HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Media Queries

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